Good News! The X Files Will Return – But probably not next season….

Good News! The X Files Will Return –
But probably not next season….

I posted this on the blog a month ago:
Lucifer & Redwood Have Been Renewed – What About The X-Files?
So Lucifer has been renewed but The X Files is a trickier proposition, I still believe it’ll return but it’s not as simple as The ‘Special Event’ status of the recent season means the actors were only contracted for the six episodes of a hugely successful revival. A huge plus is the only drama on the big four networks rated higher this season Empire.

The numbers stack up however, the biggest obstacle in X-Files S11 is probably Gillian Anderson spends the majority of her time in the UK where her family is based.

Roll forwards to this morning:
Gary Newman and Dana Walden Co-CEO’s FOX TV on
X-Files’ Future

“Yes, Fox is prepared to give you more X-Files. The network execs continue to have conversations with creator Chris Carter and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, all three of whom Walden says are “on board to do another installment.” The only catch now is scheduling, with the trio currently in different parts of the world. Both Walden and Newman noted that while they’re “encouraged” and “hopeful,” they don’t foresee having a batch of new episodes to launch until the 2017-18 season.”


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