Lucifer & Redwood Have Been Renewed – What About The X-Files?

Lucifer & Redwood Have Been Renewed –
What About The X-Files?

Back on Feb 3, I made a prediction, THE X FILES & LUCIFER WILL BE RENEWED IMO

FOX has renewed freshman dramas LUCIFER and ROSEWOOD for second seasons, it was announced by David Madden, President, Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company.

So Lucifer has been renewed but The X Files is a trickier proposition, I still believe it’ll return but it’s not as simple as The ‘Special Event’ status of the recent season means the actors were only contracted for the six episodes of a hugely successful revival. A huge plus is the only drama on the big four networks rated higher this season Empire.

Adults 18-49 Demo/Program Name/ US Average Audience in demo (Millions)
FOX EMPIRE 6.7 8,500
FOX X-FILES 4.3 5,448

OK, the numbers stack up however, the biggest obstacle in X-Files S11 is probably Gillian Anderson spends the majority of her time in the UK where her family is based.
Ms Anderson has a successful UK career with shows such as the highly acclaimed Belfast drama ‘The Fall’ which concludes with third & final season later this year, War & Peace, and the forthcoming drama ‘Viceroy’s House’ based on Lord & Lady Mountbatten’s residence in India Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville also stars.

So what is Gillian Anderson take on ‘The X-Files returning? Here’s her comments in an interview with the mag Rolling Stone after the latest season concluded.

So, is this the end?
[Singing, à la Jim Morrison] “This is the end.” [Sighs] Oh, I don’t know. I think we ended it in a way that it could go one way or the other. It all depends. I mean, it’s a nice idea that we could carry on. But I live in London. I’ve got three kids. I have other commitments to other shows. David is doing a TV show for NBC [Aquarius]. There’s a lot of things that aren’t conducive to a long-running or even one more year of a running, multiple-episode TV show in the mix. So there would have to be some pretty extraordinary circumstances.

But maybe. Maybe the success that we’ve had thus far with the six episodes is enough for extraordinary circumstances to present themselves. You never know.

Another spoke in the wheel  could be Gillian Anderson  was offered half the money David Duchovny for the recent X-Files miniseries. The dispute was resolved with Anderson receiving parity with Duchovny. If & when another installment returns FOX should cut to the chase & keep all parties content with equal pay. If the series creator Chris Carter can come up with more compelling stories that could make it easier for FOX to expedite things.

So there you go, a difficult equation but just like another FOX show revived ‘Arrested Development’ (Season 5 should hopefully return to Netflix actors schedules permitting), it’s more a matter of not if but when ‘The X-Files’ returns.


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