We continue into part 2 of our catch up.

I mentioned in part 1 I’ve not had a lot of motivation to watch much TV this season. It appears I’m not the only one who feels this way as the figures below show, most networks are down from last season.

The CW has taken the biggest hit with a huge drop from a year ago. Last seasons critically ‘Jane The Virgin’ losing momentum & new Monday night series ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ along with the now sans Nina Dobrev ‘Vampire Diaries’ has dragged The CW down and cutting out the gains made by hit shows such as ‘The Flash’ & ‘Arrow’.

Network/Rating/ %+/- Total viewers +/-
NBC     2.8   -3%       9,903   +1%

CBS      2.4   -4%       11,406    -3%

ABC     2.1   -13%       7,615   -12%

FOX     2.1    +5%       6,206   +2%

CW      0.8   -11%        1,985    -13%

UPDATE: I started writing this post a few days ago stopped due to xmas  and TVbythenumbers’s Rick Porter has written this excellent article echoing the decline in viewers this season focusing on my choice for best network last season based solely on ratings performance, ABC.

ABC fall 2015 status report:Its age lines are showing


On the surface, ABC has done just fine over the first part of the season. Its Wednesday comedies and TGIT dramas are still strong players, “Fresh Off the Boat” has mostly avoided a sophomore slump and “Dr. Ken” has proved a steady addition to a healthy Friday lineup.

Yet ABC’s adults 18-49 ratings are down 12 percent year-to-year (2.1 vs. 2.4, through Dec. 13), more than any other broadcast network. So wha’happen?

The network has a number of veteran shows that still perform reasonably well, but not as well as they used to, and a couple that are clearly limping into old age. Several of its newer series put up decent ratings, but none of them could be considered a breakout hit. It’s a combination that has dragged the network’s numbers down.

“Modern Family,” for instance, is averaging a 2.76 same-day rating in adults 18-49 for originals this season (all individual show ratings are through Dec. 20). Through nine episodes a year ago, that average was 3.44. That’s drop of almost 25 percent. “Scandal,” similarly, is down about 20 percent (2.52 vs. 3.16) vs. its fall run in 2015.

If a “Lost” or “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Desperate Housewives” or “Modern Family” — ABC’s last real game-changers — isn’t likely to come along, what it absolutely can’t afford is a disastrous crop of new shows like it had two seasons ago. What it needs more of are development years like last season, which produced the likes of “HTGAWM,” “Black-ish” and “Fresh Off the Boat,” to help restock the shelves as aging shows fade out.
The full article can be found @ TVbythenumbers

A big thank you to Rick Porter & TVbythenumbers for the above excerpts.

I still have more to cover including the surprise cancellation of ‘Mike and Molly’ and even if you’re not a fan a piece on ‘Star Wars’! Stay tuned for pt 3.


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