TV Ratings – Monday 2 November 2015

TV Ratings – Monday 2 November 2015

The Voice NBC 3.3 12.1
Supergirl CBS 2.2 8.9
Blindspot NBC 2.2 8.0
Dancing with the Stars ABC 1.9 12.1
Scorpion CBS 1.9 9.5
Gotham FOX 1.6 4.3
NCIS: Los Angeles CBS 1.3 8.4
Countdown to the CMA Awards ABC 0.8 5.0
Minority Report FOX 0.6 1.7
Jane the Virgin CW 0.4 1.1
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend CW 0.3 0.9

From last Mondays ratings:
‘Supergirl’s numbers will drop as ‘Big Bang’ moves back to it’s regular Thursday next week. If it comes in at about a 2.0 rating for episode 2, it will renew IMO.
Not a bad guess IMO.

Blindspot been rewarded with an extra episode on top of the full 22 ordered by NBC – Guaranteed Renewal IMO.

NCIS: Los Angeles is a 50/50 network call, could go either way IMO.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
is another 50/50 call- The renewal & cancel strategy for The CW is different to the big four networks so it’s essentially a coin toss.

Minority Report The initial episode order has been cut from the initial 13 to 10. Consider it as good as cancelled.

The Voice, Dancing with the Stars,Scorpion & Gotham will all be renewed IMO.


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