‘Madam Secretary’ ‘The Good Wife’ & ‘CSI Cyber’ all start 30 minutes later on Sun Nov 8

‘Madam Secretary’ ‘The Good Wife’ & ‘CSI Cyber’
All start 30 minutes later on Sun November 8
Then Again It Might Be Later….

If you’ve followed earlier new eps on TV posts you’ll know I’d correctly predicted the CBS primetime schedules would run late on Sundays due to overruns, in one case by a whole hour. Not only that, I also called the week the East & Central regions (the areas usually affected by the delays) would run on time and they did apart from one or two markets airing local games.
This Sunday sees Denver at Indianapolis as the CBS 4.25pm game. To cover the probability of an overrun, the CBS schedule will start 30 mins later than usual kicking off with ’60 Minutes’ from 7.30pm followed by the usual scripteds ‘Madam Secretary”The Good Wife’ & rounding off with ‘CSI Cyber’ from 10.30 (ish).
The New York Giants are in the 4.05pm game at Tampa Bay this Sunday which might cause delays to the already adjusted schedule in the Eastern region depending on the highlights coverage on CBS.
To sum up, there could be a small delay, if any, on CBS this Sunday Nov 8.


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