TV Ratings – Sunday 25 October 2015 – Includes Walking Dead & Talking Dead Ratings

TV Ratings  – Sunday 25 October 2015
Includes Walking Dead & Talking Dead Ratings

Sunday Night Football NBC 7.6 20.6
Walking Dead AMC 6.7 13.1
The OT FOX 4.2 12.1
Talking Dead AMC 3.1 6.2
The Simpsons FOX 2.8 6.7
Brooklyn Nine-Nine FOX 2.0 4.4
Family Guy FOX 1.8 3.8
Once Upon a Time ABC 1.6 5.1
Quantico ABC 1.5 5.1
The Last Man on Earth FOX 1.5 3.4
Madam Secretary CBS 1.3 10.8
60 Minutes CBS 1.3 10.6
The Good Wife CBS 1.1 8.8
America’s Funniest Home Videos ABC 1.1 5.3
Blood & Oil ABC 0.9 3.8
CSI: Cyber CBS 0.8 6.5

Last season I was chastised by one of the cast of ‘State Of Affairs’ for not knowing that the shows order was for 13 eps. That’s the case for nearly all new network scripted shows with the option to give a ‘Back nine order’ to bring it up to a full seasons 22 episodes. ‘State Of Affairs’ ratings were below par and thus received no ‘back nine’ and went on to be cancelled.
The sooner a series receives a back nine order, the higher the odds of that show being renewed, however, if a new shows order is reduced consider that series cancelled.

Quantico has received less than 22 episodes but still classed as a full season 19 ep order. – Guaranteed renewal IMO.

‘Blood & Oil’
– Season order reduced from 13 to 10 – Guaranteed Cancellation IMO.

‘CSI: Cyber’
– NFL could be hitting it hard but still excuse for sub 1.0 rating. Likely to be cancelled IMO.

One more thing, I said on Sunday the CBS schedule should run on time for the first time in 3 weeks after calling overruns for the previous 2 weeks. With the exceptions of some local markets/regions, another correct call.


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