TV Ratings – Monday 26 October 2015

TV Ratings  – Monday 26 October 2015


The Big Bang Theory CBS 4.4 16.3
Supergirl CBS 3.1 13.0
The Voice NBC 3.1 11.9
Blindspot NBC 2.1 7.9
Scorpion CBS 1.9 9.7
Dancing with the Stars ABC 1.8 11.9
Gotham FOX 1.5 4.3
Minority Report FOX 0.6 1.9
Jane the Virgin CW 0.3 0.9
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend CW 0.2 0.7

Supergirl CBS & the shows studio Warner Bros, pulled all the stops to ensure ‘Supergirl’ was a hit including allegedly leaking the pilot episode six months in advance.
I posted this back in July:
Is it a coincidence that the leak came out a few weeks before the San Diego ‘Comic Con’ in July? Not saying it is for definite, just wondering.
Guess one of the shows studio Warner’s will be promoting at the forthcoming Comic-Con in San Diego in a few days?
The promotion has paid off and some savvy ‘Super Monday’ scheduling by CBS using ‘Big Bang Theory’ as a lead in and following ‘Supergirl’ with a special 90 minute episode of ‘Scorpion’.
‘Supergirl’ is joint top new series launch alongside ‘Blindspot’ so far this season with a 3.1 rating. ‘Supergirl’ wins the head to head by virtue of total viewers 13 to ‘Blindspot’s 10.6 million.
‘Supergirl’s numbers will drop as ‘Big Bang’ moves back to it’s regular Thursday next week. If it comes in at about a 2.0 rating for episode 2, it will renew IMO.

Blindspot Has an order for a full season. Guaranteed renewal IMO.

Minority Report
‘s initial episode order has been cut from the initial 13 to 10. Consider it as good as cancelled.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
– 50/50 network call with a lean towards cancellation IMO.

Jane the Virgin Lost some of the buzz from S1. The CW’s renewal & cancel strategy is different to the large networks. Still call a re-up at the moment.


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