TV Ratings – Monday 12 October 2015

TV Ratings – Monday 12 October 2015


The Big Bang Theory CBS 3.9 15.0 million
The Voice NBC 3.3 12.0
Life in Pieces CBS 1.8 7.8
Dancing with the Stars ABC 1.7 11.6
Scorpion CBS 1.7 9.4
Gotham FOX 1.5 4.2
NCIS: Los Angeles CBS 1.1 8.4
Castle ABC 1.1 6.8
Minority Report FOX 0.7 2.0
Jane the Virgin CW 0.4 1.1
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend CW 0.3 0.9

Sunday nights ratings (apart from The Walking Dead of course) sucked, Monday’s were a little better. ‘Big Bang’ missed the 4.0 by a fraction, everything else was way down by a lot as I’ve already documented in my last ICYMI column.

Here are the shows with something to worry about:
Life in Pieces – Would it survive without the lead in of the networks biggest show?
On these numbers, I doubt it – Likely to be cancelled IMO.

Castle – Aging & expensive show in a time slot that ABC could use to push a new series with the lead in of it’s most watched prog ‘DWTS’. – ‘Castle is likely to cancelled due to low ratings and increasing costs IMO.

Minority Report – Consider it cancelled – FOX has reduced the episode order from 13 to 10 and although it’s not official yet, there’s zero chance of an S2 IMO.

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ had a so so debut, Not strong enough to get a full season order yet, which is the next step for most new series. Need to see how next ep before making a call.


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