TV Ratings – Thursday 8 October 2015

TV Ratings – Thursday 8 October 2015


Thursday Night Football CBS 5.0 15.1 million
Scandal ABC 2.6 8.8 million
Grey’s Anatomy ABC 2.2 8.1 million
How to Get Away with Murder ABC 2.2 7.2 million
The Blacklist NBC 1.5 7.0 million
Bones FOX 1.3 5.9 million
Heroes Reborn NBC 1.2 4.4 million
Sleepy Hollow FOX 1.0 3.3 million
The Player NBC 0.9 4.4 million
The Vampire Diaries CW 0.6 1.4 million
The Originals  CW 0.4 0.9 million

Sleepy Hollow‘ is ‘Likely to be cancelled based on the low rating IMO
The Player‘ is a ‘Certain Cancellation’ IMO.
Heroes Reborn‘ is a network call could go either way.
Bones‘ Likely to be renewed so long as the stars want to carry on.

The rest of the Thursday night line up is Guaranteed to be renewed IMO.


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