TV Ratings – Sunday 27 September 2015

TV Ratings – Sunday 27 September 2015

Sunday Night Football NBC 8.1 22.1
60 Minutes CBS 2.9 15.0
Quantico ABC 1.9 7.1 – Had a feeling it would do OK, trended worldwide on twitter, and the shows star Priyanka Chopra, well she is very pretty, seriously it was the top scripted show and will receive a full season order leading to a guaranteed renewal providing it doesn’t fall too much week 2.

CSI – Series Finale CBS 1.8 12.2 – Goes out with a decent send off. Shame, if the total viewers had been near this level last season it might not ended. – Series now Cancelled.

Once Upon a Time ABC 1.8 5.9 – Last season – 3.7 10.2 -Nearly all Sunday’s shows were down on their return ‘OUAT’ was down over 50% from last term. Welcome to the age of Live + 3 day (L+3) ratings becoming the norm. I expect the numbers to rise once the L+3’s are issued. Guaranteed Renewal.

The Simpsons FOX 1.5 3.3 – Last season 3.9 8.5 – FOX had a huge NFL lead in a year ago without it this time the entire FOX Sunday line up crashed as you’ll see. Still expect all of the FOX Sunday line up to renew.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine FOX 1.5 3.1 – Last Season 2.6 5.5

Family Guy FOX 1.5 2.9 – Last Season 4.5 8.4 -Last years premiere was 1 hour crossover ep with ‘The Simpsons’ hence the huge difference.

Blood & Oil ABC 1.4 6.4 – Not bad but I’ll need to see how it performs week 2. Lean towards a renewal on these numbers but subject to change.

The Last Man On Earth FOX 1.4 3.1 – Last Season’s March series premiere – 2.4 5.7 mill.

Bob’s Burgers FOX 1.2 2.5 – The network appears to like it and that’s why it keeps renewing.


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