TV Ratings – Monday 28 September 2015

TV Ratings – Monday 28 September 2015

The Big Bang Theory CBS – 3.8 15.2 – Last season 4.8 16.4
Last weeks premiere was the worst ever episode IMO. The show has lost a step and the shows writers have strayed too far away from what made it one of the funniest shows on TV. The comfort zone of knowing it’s already renewed for S10 could cause ‘Big Bang’ to hemorrhage even more viewers if fans don’t buy into the creative pay off.
Here’s the Digital Spy site take on the show at the moment:
Can The Big Bang Theory pull itself out of the depressing abyss of last week’s season nine opener? I was still left with a resounding feeling of ‘meh’.

The Voice NBC – Guaranteed Renewal.

Blindspot NBC – 2.6 9.1 – Last week 3.1 10.6 Falls from week 1 but NBC has already ordered extra scripts. Next step will be a full season 22 ep order. Guaranteed Renewal.

Life in Pieces CBS – Life in Pieces 1.9 8.7 – Bear in mind it has the lead in of the networks highest rated show. It loses too much for me to call a re-up. Network call 50/50.

Scorpion CBS 1.7 9.5 – Last season – 3.1 13.4 Expect it to rise once the 3 day (L+3) are out on Thurs. Guaranteed Renewal IMO.

Dancing With the Stars ABC 1.8 11.5 – Part of the ABC Monday night furniture, Guaranteed Renewal.

Gotham FOX – Gotham 1.6 4.6 Last season 2.8 7.4 – Drops a third from last year. Likely to be renewed as I expect to rise once the L+3 ratings are out.

NCIS: Los Angeles 1.2 7.6 Last season (premiere episode)- 1.9 9.5 50/50 network call.

Castle ABC 1.2 6.7 Last season (premiere episode) – 2.2 10.7- I said last week this could be the last season as costs rise as a show gets older. 50/50 network call lean towards cancellation.

Minority Report FOX 0.9 2.6 Last week: 1.1 3.1 – Likely to be the first cancellation of the new season.

Penn & Teller: Fool Us CW 0.4 1.3
Whose Line Is It Anyway CW 0.4 1.2
Significant Mother CW 0.2 0.6


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