TV Ratings – Friday 25 September 2015

TV Ratings – Friday 25 September 2015

Shark Tank ABC 1.7 6.1 – Friday night’s highest rated show once again, Guaranteed Renewal.

Blue Bloods CBS 1.3 10.1 – Has been one of CBS’s most watched shows since season 1. Guaranteed Renewal.

20/20 ABC – 1.3 5.4

The Amazing Race CBS 1.2 5.8 – Likely Renewal

Last Man Standing ABC 1.1 6.3 FOX TV owns ‘Standing’ which will hit the magic 100 episode mark this season. If Dr Ken which debuts this week holds it’s own and re-ups. ABC might ‘consider it’s options’. Likely to renew but could change.

Hawaii Five-0 CBS 1 8.3 – I was surprised it renewed last season as it’s the lowest rated show on CBS. ‘H50’ makes a lot of money thru syndication & overseas sales so it’s down to a 50/50 network call.

Masters of Illusion CW 0.4 1.3


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