TV Ratings – Wednesday 22 September 2015

TV Ratings – Wednesday 22 September 2015

Empire FOX 6.7 16.2 – I’ve run out of things to say – Nah! Only kidding! Just look at the numbers, they speak for themselves. Still number 1 network scripted series

Modern Family ABC 3.2 9.5 – Used to score ratings in the 5+ zone. So long as the shows writers feel Modern Family has creative legs, Guaranteed Renewal.

Survivor CBS 2.5 9.7 – Weds night CBS schedule stable performer. Guaranteed Renewal.

The Goldbergs ABC 2.4 7.6 – HULU has signed a streaming deal for ‘The Goldbergs’ Once cable & syndication deals are done. I expect renewals till at least season 5 and the magic 100 ep mark
Rosewood FOX 2.4 7.5 – Not bad considering it was the lead in for ‘Empire’ So long as it holds above the 2.0 mark next week, Guaranteed Renewal.

black-ish ABC 2.4 7.3 – Okay-ish numbers = Then again it’s on at the same time as Empire. Will be renewed IMO,

Big Brother CBS 2.2 6.5 – The network bosses -Leslie Moonves – wife is the host -Julie Chen. Course it’ll be renewed.

The Middle ABC 2.1 8.2 – Normally say guaranteed renewal, comes down to cost as Warner Bros owns the show. So long as ABC feels it’s viable, will be renewed.

Law and Order: SVU NBC 1.8 8.3 – Always comes down to budget with SVU as it’s the longest running drama on air at the moment, also if Mariska Hartigay re-ups. Otherwise Guaranteed Renewal.

The Mysteries of Laura NBC 1.2 7.1 Lowest rated show to get a renewal last season, still nearly 7 million viewers ain’t too bad. 50/50 network call.

Nashville ABC 1.2 4.9 – Loyal fan base but low rated. The TV show gets millions in tax breaks as it has done wonders for the tourism trade to Nashville. Makes money from the shows music. Can’t afford to fall any further or it could be in trouble. I said the same thing about ‘Revenge’ last season and look what happened.

America’s Next Top Model CW 0.4 1.4
A Wicked Offer CW 0.2 0.5


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