TV Ratings – Tuesday 22 September 2015

TV Ratings – Tuesday 22 September 2015

The Voice NBC 3.5 12.3 – NBC’s biggest non NFL show so re-up is a certainty.

The Muppets ABC 2.9 9.0 – Nothing like the original variety shows. This single camera reboot is closer to ’30 Rock’ one of my all time fave comedies.
This version was developed by Big Bang Theory’s co creator Bill Prady. A big shock was ‘The Muppets’ trumped the heavily promoted FOX debut of ‘Scream Queens by a huge margin. Guaranteed Renewal IMO.

NCIS CBS 2.5 18.2 – Still CBS’s most watched show. Guaranteed Renewal.

Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris NBC 2.1 5.9 – Lost more than half of the viewers from the lead in of ‘The Voice’. 10pm Tuesday is a tough hour so no disaster. Likely to be renewed.

Fresh off the Boat ABC 1.9 6.0 – Up on 1st season. Guaranteed Renewal IMO.

Limitless CBS 1.9 9.9 – Bradley Coopers guest appearance – he’s also an Executive Producer – might have contributed towards the decent rating. Will know more next ep but would renew if it doesn’t drop too much.

NCIS: New Orleans CBS 1.7 12.6 – Beat ‘The Voice in total viewers so CBS would take that as a win. It needs 3 seasons including this one to get into syndication status, I believe it’ll get there. Likely to be renewed.

Scream Queens FOX (8-10PM) -P 1.7 4.0 – Was TV top show trending on Twitter so surprised it didn’t rate even higher. Should seen an decent increase when the 3 day ratings are out. Likely to be renewed IMO.

Dancing With the Stars ABC (9-11PM) 1.5 9.6 – ABC’s most watched show, it’s always had an older viewership hence the lower rating. Guaranteed renewal


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