The 2014-15 TV Season Ends Tonight – How Did The New Shows Measure Up? – Winners & Losers

The 2014-15 primetime comes to a conclusion tonight.
How did the new series on the big networks measure up?
Here’s my take on the winners & losers among the 2014-15 rookie shows.

Updated with ‘Black-ish’, ‘The Last Man On Earth’ and ‘Secrets & Lies’ added.


SCORPION (CBS) – Holding it’s own against Monday night NFL – One of the top 3 new shows of last season.
JANE THE VIRGIN(CW) – Critical acclaim for the show and it’s lead actress Gina Rodriguez
THE FLASH(CW) – The CW’s latest superhero series was a massive hit.
HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER(ABC) – I said at the beginning the season a year ago. ABC would dominate Thursdays and once CBS’s NFL run was over HTGAWM along with ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Scandal’ gave the network an a night they could win for seasons to come.
MADAM SECRETARY(CBS) – Made a good companion for ‘The Good Wife’ ‘Madam Sec’ was the a top 10 most watched program yet it was outside the top 60 rated shows for the season doesn’t matter as it helped CBS to the title of most watched network for the 12th time in 13 years.
BLACK-ISH (ABC) – Held onto 67% of Modern Family’s lead in. Other shows previously in the the time slot were way below this level and subsequently dropped. ‘The Middle’ & ‘Modern Family’ are both getting on in age. ‘The Goldbergs’ & ‘black-ish’ will ensure ABC has a strong chance of ensuring the Weds night comedy block continues to perform once the 2 vets call it a day.
EMPIRE (FOX) – The biggest show on Network TV. Only NFL ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘ The Game Of Thrones’ rate higher on all TV channels.
THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (FOX) – Will Forte is yet another ‘Saturday Night Live’ alum joining the likes of ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Andy Samberg, Tina Fey, & Amy Poehler to head a successful sitcom. Critically acclaimed and award nominated. Not everyone’s cup of tea but will hopefully be around for years to come.
SECRETS AND LIES (ABC) – ‘Revenge’ finally came to an end this season and as you may be aware, ABC loves their soaps. ‘Secrets and Lies’ came in as a midseason Sunday night rookie, did well enough to garner a re-up and will return next year.


MULANEY (FOX) – Took over the 9.30 Sunday slot from the now transferred to TBS ‘American Dad’ FOX ended up burning off the sitcom in the 7pm slot.
STATE OF AFFAIRS (NBC) – The Katherine Heigl drama from the Exec Producer of the Blacklist seemed good on paper, shame the actual series was disappointing. I managed to p*ss off one of the stars on Twitter because he said I should have known the season was only only 13 eps long. If it was any good I’m sure NBC would have given it more eps.
UTOPIA (FOX) – Reality show that cost $50 million, yes that’s right $50 million. I called a cancellation after only 2 eps. FOX should have been top network this season, flops like this was the reason why they struggled.
SELFIE (ABC) – The worst trailer for a TV series featuring bags of vomit. Talented actors Karen Gillan & John Cho deserved better.
MANHATTAN LOVE STORY (ABC) – Kinda 1 dimensional that’s why it was canned.
MARRY ME (NBC) – Rom sitcom that was another failure for the network who used to have ‘Friends ‘ ‘Seinfeld’, ‘Frasier’ and ‘Cosby’ – OK the less the said about the last show the better.
FOREVER (ABC)- Choice between the low rated ‘Forever’ and equally low rated ‘American Crime Story’. The latter show won out
RED BAND SOCIETY (FOX) – Teen drama set in children’s hospital had a loyal fanbase, just not enough.
STALKER (CBS) – Low ratings meant 1 & done.
GRACEPOINT (FOX) – Based on the hugely successful UK drama ‘Broadchurch’ The U.S. version failed to resonate with viewers.
A to Z (NBC) – Another flop sitcom from NBC.
THE McCARTHYS (CBS) – Pulled from the schedule then burnt off in the summer season along with the surprise cancellation of The Millers.
CRISTELA (ABC) – Lowest rated of ABC sitcoms. Lot of fans were angry at the cancellation, not as angry as the star Cristela Alonso who let everyone know by posting feelings online.
CONSTANTINE (NBC) – Comic book adaptations don’t always translate into ratings.


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