Last week of the 2014-15 TV season and I planned to take things easy and not post ‘ICYMI’ this week but had stuff to post so here you go a midweek update.

Nina Tassler – Responsible For Some Of TV’s Biggest Hits
Is Stepping Down As CBS Entertainment Chairman

Nina Tassler the CBS Entertainment Chairman who is without a doubt the most powerful woman in TV, announced she’s stepping down at the end of the year.
Ms Tassler has been at CBS since 1997 when she joined as vice president of drama taking over the role of entertainment president in 2004 finaly elevating to entertainment chairman last year.
She oversaw some of the biggest hits not only in the US but globally with shows such as “The Big Bang Theory,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “NCIS,” “The Good Wife,” “Criminal Minds”.
Before joining CBS, Tassler worked with the boss of CBS Les Moonves who was previously in charge of Warner Bros TV and helped to develop dramas such as “ER”.
Tassler will stay on in an advisory capacity until the end of her contract in 2017. Glenn Geller, an executive vice president of current programming at CBS has been with the network since 2001 will be taking over the entertainment chairman role.
Mr Geller has his work cut out as shows such as “Two And A Half Men” “How I Met Your Mother” ended and “CSI” closing out with a two hour series finale on Sept 27th, his main task will be to find hits that’ll have the staying power to transition into vital syndication and overseas sales.
It’s important we find our next ‘NCIS’ and our next ‘Big Bang Theory’ and our next ‘Survivor.’ Those are our goals every year but it’s increasingly becoming more and more important. We have a very stable schedule but we need to keep finding new hits.”

It’s official! NBC has run out ideas ‘Hart to Hart’ Gay Couple Remake Set At NBC
Hasn’t NBC learned from previous mistakes. Murder She Wrote, Bionic Woman, Ironside, Knight Rider, Coach, Cosby, all proposed reboots, all failed. Now NBC is toying with the idea of ‘Hart To Hart’ this time the original Harts played by Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers will be replaced by a gay couple.
Attorney Jonathan Hart and free-spirited investigator Dan Hartman, who must balance the two sides of their life: action-packed crime-solving in the midst of newly found domesticity.
It’s hard enough for the big TV networks to drum up ‘The Next Big Thing’ ‘Empire’ was this season’s breakout ratings monster and gay characters played a central part in a number of storylines. The reason why it worked was the shows producers realized it’s 2015 not 1979 the year the original ‘Hart To Hart’ first aired.
NBC will finish this season as the top network for the second year running. Last season it was handed to them by FOX who had so many flops it cost the boss at the time Kevin Reilly his job.
NFL & The Superbowl were almost solely responsible for NBC topping the 2014-15 vital 18-49 demo numbers. I can tell you a whole year in advance, CBS will be number 1 next season as it’s their turn to host ‘The Superbowl’ and it’s guaranteed 100+ million viewers.
Take out NFL and NBC would have been 3rd behind CBS & ABC – the top network for scripted shows. NBC had the highest number of cancellations this season.
NBC keeps falling into the same trap time and time again of poorly thought through & executed ideas that are destined to fail as they continually go back try to rehash ideas more than 30 years old.
‘Hart To Hart’ mk1 ended 31 years ago making almost every viewer of the original series outside of the ratings demographic.
Deadline.com founder Nikki Finke once asked the question “Is there anything on NBC I’d want to watch?
Keep up with the dumb reboot ideas and soon we’ll all be asking that question.

New seasons of ‘Scream Queens’ & ‘Empire’ will air within 24 hrs of the US in all Fox International Channels licensed markets within 24 hours of their domestic debut on Fox. This excludes the UK where ‘Empire’ premieres Oct 6 on Channel 4’s E4 station and ‘Scream Queens’ which is from ‘American Horror Story’ & ‘Glee’s Ryan Murphy is surprisingly unsold to a UK network. I imagine it’ll end up on the FOX UK channel if there are no takers for it.

Just in – some good news for NBC
– Shame it’s not a scripted show but the one thing they are good at is musical/variety entertainment programming
“Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris” (1.9/7 in 18-49, 6.8 million viewers overall from 10:01-11 p.m. ET) – Could go up or down in the final ratings.



UK date ‘CSI’s 2 hr series finale Tuesday September 29th at 10pm GMT.

South Park season 19 premieres this week on Comedy Central on Wed 16th & Doctor Who on Saturday Sept 19th.

Waiting for the ratings for Kurt Sutter’s new series ‘The Bastard Executioner’ to come out will update later.


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