I’ve taken a look at the summer scripted shows here’s my take on things.

‘The Whispers’ is looking like one & done at the moment as the options to sign the cast up for season 2 have expired. It’s not a 100% guaranteed cancellation however as there is slim hope ABC could renew.

‘Mistresses’ is a 50/50 network call could go either way. If ‘The Whispers’ is 86’d that could save it or ABC might decide to run with a fresh pair of new scripteds next season.

‘Rookie Blue’ is a Canadian imported series and will probably be cheap to license so I’d call a reup on this one.

‘The Astronaut Wives Club’ 0.8 rating, 4.3 million viewers on Thurs July 10, 50/50 network call with a lean towards renewal at moment.

‘Zoo’ held onto it’s 1.2 rating from last week, slightly down in total viewers 7.7 against 8.2 million. ‘Zoo’ should be the top scripted drama. If CBS makes money from overseas and online sales, I expect a renewal.

‘Extant’ – early ratings Weds July 8 0.8 ratings, 5.1 million viewers for ‘Extant’ apparently makes a profit due it’s streaming deal with Amazon so as long as they’re happy with it, could reup.

‘Under The Dome’ was the CBS summer flagship drama, slipped a bit this season. Still expect a renewal

‘Wayward Pines’ is a toss up and it could come down to FOX looking at it’s drama options for next summer and making a call whether a different series would be a better performer.

‘Golan The Insatiable’
struggling as the only new show on a night with tentpoles such as ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’ showing repeats. I can’t see ‘Golan’ returning but I have been wrong before…

‘Aquarius’ – Renewed for season 2

‘Hannibal’ – Cancelled – Amazon & Netflix have both passed on it. Hulu are really the last of the big online content providers. It’s looking unlikely it’ll return for a 4th season at the moment.


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