Good article from The Hollywood regarding the eleventh hour switch of the Miss USA pageant after NBC pulled their coverage from the network after Donald Trump’s Mexican immigrants comments. Reelz a small independent cable network, saw an opportunity (or a risk depending which way you look at it), and will broadcast Sunday’s event.

The Reelz CEO explains why they did the deal, how advertisers and sponsors have responded to the broadcasts last minute change of channel, and how he hopes the pageant won’t be penalized for it’s association with Donald Trump.

I’m fascinated with how Reelz handle the situation is I need to know how the network bosses think, Why do they make their decisions? What do they hope to achieve from the risks they take? and How they handle a crisis.

Donald Trump clearly doesn’t understand ‘The game of politics’, and the necessity to surround yourself with people who think for you and ‘craft’ what to say. Watch ‘Veep’, in season 2 from a couple of years ago VPOTUS Meyer manages to do a ‘Trump’ and upset Finland with jokes in a song they took offense to. The song was written by the Veeps own team so sometimes even the people you pay to do your thinking can get it wrong.

‘In The Thick Of It’ ‘The West Wing’ or the original BBC comedy series to show how the political process works ‘Yes Minister’ & the sequel ‘Yes Prime Minister’ from the 1980’s about an apparently clueless British government minister and the advisers who surround him also relay the message that sometimes the head of state has to navigate a complex and often frustrating system in order to get to power.

Anyone involved in the pageant has distanced themselves Trump’s racist remarks. He needs to realize running the USA isn’t the same as a casino, the stakes are a lot higher.

Here’s part of The Hollywood Reporter article,
When Reelz Channel airs the 2015 Miss USA pageant on Sunday, July 12, the telecast will bear little resemblance to the one originally intended for NBC — before Donald Trump’s inflammatory remarks about Mexican immigrants prompted the broadcast network and most booked talent to pull out.

The cable network’s CEO, Stan E. Hubbard said:
I’m running a little ragged this week. You step up to something like this with 11 days to go, it requires a total reassembly of the host, the judges, the entertainment, the ad sales and the television schedule. You have to get promos ready and, of course, the press is on fire with this one. I see why. When you run into a burning building, people start calling.
The full article can be found here:


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