Here are the lists of the broadcast network show rankings in terms of ratings in the all important 18 – 49 advertiser ‘dollar demo’ and then the total audience figures for this seasons broadcast network shows.

The 2 lists below only include the five broadcast networks and not the cable channels shows.

I’ve analyzed ‘The Walking Dead‘s rating and audience figures as a key performance indicator. If it was included in this list it would share the top spot with the Sunday night NFL on NBC with a 7.3 rating, 14.4 million viewers.

I didn’t have the final audience figures (live + 7 day) for ‘The Dead’. If I believe it would rated a lot higher than the number 11 position I’ve slotted it in at.

How To Get Away With Murder‘ is missing from the total audience numbers. I’ve worked out average based on the live + same day numbers for the 15 episodes, it should be in the number 9 position on the list with an average 14.4 million viewers helped out by a huge 21+ million viewer series premiere.

Empire‘ missed out on the top spot on by mere two tenths of a point, Amazing for a series in the first season. ‘NCIS: New Orleans‘ (2.7) finished just two tenths behind the original (2.9) I would like to see how it would fare for a couple of weeks with out the lead in of Mark Harmon Tuesday night staple. If it was in the 8pm slot, would it pass the mothership?

The Mysteries Of Laura‘ (1.3) was the lowest rated series to be renewed on the top four networks, ‘Stalker‘ (2.3) was the highest rated show to be cancelled.

Network Ratings demo-finalNetwork Audience numbers 2014 -15


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