Random Stuff!

Need a catchier title but the creative side of my brain is a little frazzled at this moment. This post is exactly as the title says ‘Random Stuff’.

One of the big surprises of the last couple of days was the renewals of ‘American Crime’ ‘Galavant’ & ‘Agent Carter’ by ABC. Not so much ‘Agent Carter’ which I had as likely to be renewed until a few days ago and downgraded it based on the rumor that an Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Spin off was getting the nod for a series pick up. Eventually ABC passed on it and Agent Carter got a re-up.

‘American Crime’ & ‘Galavant’s on the other hand were based solely on ratings performance and I called both of them as ‘Will be cancelled’. This was a ‘The network bosses love this show so to hell with the poor numbers, let’s renew!‘ I wish they could have found a way to extend this latitude to ‘Forever’ which had similar ratings to ‘American Crime’ but you can’t win them all..

Where’s CBS’s Renewals and cancellations and why are they taking so long?

For the last 2 seasons CBS has confirmed more than 90% of their renewals by mid march. Last year CBS only had 1 series left without a decision a year ago to this day, and that was ‘The Mentalist’ which was down to negotiations the studio Warner Bros and was eventually renewed for a 7th and final season, Even the guaranteed re-ups like NCIS haven’t happened yet.

CBS has been hit with a decline in ratings like most networks except ABC who have had a fantastic season thanks to new progs such as ‘How To Get Away With Murder’, ‘black-ish’  and ‘Secrets and Lies’. CBS will have to face the advertisers and investors with less positive news than other years IMO.

The plus point is I’m tipping CBS to be the top network next season due to the fact it’s their turn to host The SuperBowl and that should help them take the top slot.

Monday is the start of the ‘Upfront’ week where the networks present the next seasons schedule to the advertisers.  

I’ll post the schedule by tomorrow (Sunday) and cover the various networks over the next week.

Well  the first week of the new blog has flown by and I hope you’ve found this stuff useful. It’s the 4th straight year I’ve been doing this and it’s been toughest as I had to leave the previous site and start again.

Thanks for sticking with me. 



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