Secrets And Lies has built a loyal viewership on Sundays. It was the top show beating it’s lead in, ‘Once Upon A Time’ and has been one of the few bright spots for debuts of new series this Midseason.

ABC is always the very last network to announce their renewals/cancellations holding off until the week before the ‘Upfront’ presentations to the ad agencies and the media.

‘Revenge’ is the only ABC show (running the entire season without being yanked from the schedule) whose fate of cancellation  has been revealed with it’s series finale this Sunday May 10.

‘Resurrection’ shone brightly in it’s first season, won’t return in the fall so ‘Secrets And Lies’ which is guaranteed a renewal could start in the fall an should see a full season so long as it’s numbers hold up.

‘Once Upon A Time’ will be in it’s usual 8pm slot on Sundays with ‘Secrets’ staying at 9pm but could take over the 10pm hour although if it ain’t broke, blah, blah blah, in other words I’d keep it where it is.

I should add ABC low key way of leaking some of their renewals & cancels, ‘Revenge’ had a 3 eps warning before the finale. ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ revealed it’s renewal by a ‘See You In The Fall’ promo.

The announcements will start filtering in the next 2 or 3 days as the network bosses has locked own most of the choices and tying down the last minute negotiations with the studios for new crop of programs for the 2015-16 period.


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